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8. Secure The Bag

June 10, 2021 The Kool Source Season 1
Visible Found Paid
8. Secure The Bag
Show Notes

Shifting from an employee to an entrepreneur is no small task, and there is more than one way to take that leap to build your own dream. Our guest, Amani Wyatt knows this all too well, as he shifted from an employee to owning his own franchise security agency. In this episode, he shares with us the growing pains and strategies to various forms of ownership and how he adapted to serving clients in his industry.

Amani Wyatt is the President of Signal 88 Security of South Atlanta. Signal 88 Security provides innovative tech-driven solutions to the Physical Security, Security Patrol, and Guard Space. Signal 88 is unique within the industry in that it is a franchise concept, so its owners are backed by a Franchisor, which allows them to have small firm client responsiveness and customer service along with the global presence of the fortune 500 larger Security firms.

Tune in and hear more about how to "Secure The Bag" and Shift From An Employee To An Entrepreneur.

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